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Addis Ababa to Nairobi Overland

Africa's Rift Valley is home to some remarkable tribal groups and visiting them is one of the biggest highlights of this adventurous trip. Ethiopia and Northern Kenya can be a challenging region to travel in and overlanding provides us with access to these often isolated communities. Getting deeper into the valleys and villages we get the opportunity to meet local people we may not otherwise get to meet and see wilderness regions very few travellers get to experience. This region is a fascinating part of Africa for the adventure traveller.

Freetown to Dakar Overland

An awesome overland adventure between Freetown, Sierra Leone and Dakar, Senegal through Sierra Leone, Guinea, Guinea Bassau, Senegal (Casamance) Gambia and Senegal. This amazing trip offers incredible trekking, waterfalls, music, beaches and wildlife mixed with West African traditions and culture on this off the beaten track adventure! Overlanding West Africa were the first ever truck-based overland company to successfully take an overland truck-based trip through Guinea Bissau and Sierra Leone in 2012. The first few days of the trip will be spent in the more developed parts of Sierra Leone and Guinea as we journey close to the Atlantic coastline between Freetown and Conakry and stop en route to take in the sights. You’ll get to experience the ‘assault on the senses’ that West Africa is so famous for. As we start heading upcountry in Guinea there will be some challenging drives for short stretches but you’ll be rewarded with some incredible scenery in the Guinean highlands (the Fouta Djalon region). There will be one or two ferry crossings en route, and if bridges are washed out we will have to ford rivers. Though the Chinese have begun to grade and pave some of the road between Guinea and Guinea Bissau, they are still some way from completion and driving through the Guinean highlands could get interesting (muddy if the rains come early, dusty and bumpy if the roads are still dry!) The last two weeks of the trip will be pretty easy-going, with relatively short drive days on reasonable roads. We will have quite a relaxing paced itinerary with plenty of time to relax as we journey through the Casamance region of Senegal and into Gambia.

Mumbai to Chennai Overland

Asia is the continent where overlanding all started. This trip is the perfect combination of adventure and relaxation through the southern regions of India. We start in the cosmopolitan city of Mumbai, and then head for a full exploration of the world-famous beaches of Goa! We then head inland to the historic cities of Hampi and Mysore before heading up into the cool hills of Wayanad for a homestay amongst the tea and coffee plantations. Back to the coast, you'll explore the lush waterways of Kerala's backwaters by boat and relax on the stunning beaches of Varkala, before rounding Kanyakumari on the southernmost tip of India and arriving at the colourful temples of Madurai. Finally, travelling through Tamil Nadu state you'll pass through a part of the country many travellers never get to see, with a visit to the former French colony of Pondicherry and the stone carving capital of Mahabalipuram before ending our Indian journey in the bustling city of Chennai. Join us on this wonderful and unforgettable overlanding experience!

Cuba 8 Day Original

This is a great introduction to the wonderful island of Cuba. On this tour we will get the three of the most popular destinations in Cuba: Havana, Vinales and Trinidad. We travel in private vehicles and stay in peoples homes. Cuban people are justifiably known for their warm welcomes and friendly hospitality and by staying in their homes we get to experience this first hand. Get beyond the beach resorts to get a deeper insight into Cuba, its wonderful people and its distinctive culture.

Chennai to Kolkata Overland

From bustling Chennai to the thronging crowds and noise of Kolkata this tour gets off the tourist trail and into the remote hills of Odisha with its ancient temples and traditions, and many different people with their own distinct culture. Visit the Sri Venkatesvara Tirumalai temple, the most visited place of worship anywhere in the world and bike around local villages in the coastal town of Puri. This is an original and unique India trip that shows a different side of India.

Inside Kerala and Karnataka

An ever-increasing number of travellers are coming to Kerala, India’s most literate state, to enjoy its wonderful beaches and legendary hospitality. This trip aims to get below the surface of Keralan society to discover something of its food, its traditions and its artistic contribution of dance, craftwork and even its own unique martial art, kalarippayattu. Neighbouring Karnataka is much less visited and yet within its southern region can be found some of the subcontinent’s most impressive temples and sculptures dating back over 800 years. Dividing these two states are the Western Ghats, an imposing ridge of strikingly beautiful mountains which we will explore from both Wayanad on the Keralan side and a coffee and spice plantation in Coorg on the Karnatakan side. This is a great trip for those that demand more of their trips that just sun, sea and sand. Come and discover the true delights of two of South India’s most welcoming states.

Bolivia: High and Wild

With a wealth of history, culture and mind-blowing landscapes Bolivia entices the adventurous traveller looking for a different slice of South America. Mind blowing landscapes from the wide open spaces of the Altiplano, the salt sea of the Uyuni salt flats, the deep blue waters of Lake Titicaca, Amazon jungles and the chaotic capital city of La Paz flanked by four snow capped mountains. The charming colonial town of Sucre and the silver mining city of Potosi offer an unparalleled view to a colonial past and the thriving market at Tarabuco and infamous witches market in La Paz give visitors a glimpse of the still thriving indigenous culture and an insight into modern day Bolivia. A fascinating country, Bolivia is one of South America’s best kept secrets.

Peru: Lost Treasures Of The Cloud Warriors

In the north of Peru are some of the most fascinating and little-known pre-Columbian sites of the whole of the Americas. This is the land of not only the Inca but also the Moche, the Chimu and the cloud warriors of Chachapoyas. Exploring far beyond the “gringo trail” we have many opportunities to meet the local descendants of these people and witness a different side of Peru. From the coastal deserts to the Northern Highlands in the Andes we get deep into the heart of Peru's multi-faceted ancient legacies and traditions.

Namibia: Sands of Time

Namibia is a land full of incredible geological wonders, spectacular landscapes and diverse game. With a whole host of unexplored regions and a diversity that has barely changed for thousands of years Namibia is one of Southern Africa’s most enthralling destinations! The rolling red sand dunes of the Namib Desert, boulder festooned grassy plains of Damaraland, waterfalls, tribal villages and the inhospitable shoreline of the Skeleton coast, this is an incredible tour that will stay with you forever.

Georgia Explorer

The once ancient kingdom of Colchis, Georgia has long been linked with the Greek legends attributed to Jason and his band of Argonauts. Sandwiched between the Caucasus Mountains and the Black Sea, this mythical land today provides us with one of the last hidden gems left in Europe. This journey takes you from its charming capital, Tbilisi and through forested valleys and snow-capped mountains, where ancient cave towns and clustered rural villages, rich in heritage that can trace its origins back to late antiquity. You will visit some of Georgia’s most famous and important religious sites including Mtskheta and Gelati, as well as the stunning cave town of Vardzia. You’ll also pay a visit to Gori, birthplace of Joseph Stalin, and journey into the World Heritage landscapes of Upper Svaneti to trek amongst the villages and mountains of one of the last untouched regions of Eastern Europe.