Turkey – Eastern Borders

In a different world to Turkey’s bustling seaside resorts, the exciting lands of eastern Turkey offer adventure, rich cultural experiences and breathtaking scenery. Beginning in the lush mountains of the Black Sea region, travel across arid plains, past crumbled villages and deep blue lakes. The tangle of ancient and current cultures will intrigue you as you visit evocative, historical sites such as the ancient Armenian capital of Ani, the Byzantine masterpiece that is Sumela Monastery, the Ishak Pasa Palace, the architecture of Mardin and many seldom visited spots such as Lake Çildir and the remote Georgian churches and fortresses in the northeast. Mount Ararat at 5137m dominates the Iranian border and Lake Van, vast and mountain encircled, feeds the plains near the Iraqi frontier. With its broad vistas and dramatic scenery, its ubiquitous borders, and a fascinating history and culture, this trip gives a truly varied insight into a part of
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