North Africa

The region of North Africa runs along the top of Africa, from the High Atlas mountains of Morocco, across the Saharan desert to the Nile Valley and the pyramids and Egypt and Sudan. In Morocco, Western Sahara and Algeria, we get the chance to meet the Berber people, the original inspiration for many a wandering traveller and hear stories and share tea in the mountains and in the Bedouin camps of the Sahara with these fascinating people. Connected by the flow of the Nile River, in Egypt and Sudan pyramids raise from the desert towards the sky. While the pharaohs got all the press, there are actually more pyramids in Sudan, with many more hidden gems . While retaining much its traditional history and influences, modern North Africa is also influenced by its African, European and Middle Eastern neighbours giving a great diversity of culture and people. Add stunning landscapes and North Africa is a wonderful destination for the inquisitive traveller.

Our Tours in North Africa

Beneath the Sands of Sudan

Blessed with not only some stunning stretches of desert, within the sands of Sudan lie some of the most important and visually stunning monuments from the ancient world, including more ancient pyramids than can be found in the whole of Egypt. However this trip is not just about visiting the UNESCO archaeological sites of Jebel Barkal and Meroe and enjoying the desert wilderness – it is also a chance to get beneath the skin of this country and meet the Sudanese people, whose hospitality and kindness are long remembered by those who have travelled to their lands. This is a great trip which offers an amazing insight into the rarely visited and often misunderstood country of Sudan.
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Cairo to Khartoum Overland

This classic overland route between Cairo and Khartoum will take you from the splendours of ancient Egypt to the vast deserts of Sudan. With more Pyramids than Egypt, we will explore Sudan across a vast desert wilderness with so many highlights and hidden gems in between. This journey of stark contrasts is one of the most fantastic and rewarding experiences in Africa, and overlanding is one of the best ways to travel through Sudan!
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Dakar to Marrakesh Overland

A fascinating overland adventure between between Dakar, Senegal and Marrakech, Morocco. A true overland adventure along a route rarely travelled dominated by stunning landscapes and scenery! The first week of the trip will be pretty easy-going, with relatively short drive days on reasonable roads visiting a number of fantastic highlights. The time this trip spends in Mauritania will be limited, we would love to explore more of this little visited and truly fascinating country, security is of the utmost importance, so the trip will be limited to a direct south to north transit through the country over the course of 2 or 3 days. Once over the border into Western Sahara you will be rewarded with some spectacular landscapes and a true sense of remoteness as we drive along this stunning and remote stretch of the Atlantic coastline. The last week of the trip in the deep south of Morocco will be pretty easy going,
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Algerian Colours

Algeria is one of the most fascinating countries in North Africa. Algeria has been colonised by the Romans, the Turks and the French so combine it with a cultural legacy that stretches back millennia it is now a destination of unrivalled scope and grandeur. The vastness of the Saharan sand dunes are punctuated by stunning oasis towns, mud brick villages that still hold on to traditions that have endured among the desert sands for centuries, dominated by ancient Ksars or fortified strongholds. This remarkable journey takes us deep into the heart of this unique country, both literally and spiritually, as we journey from the shores of the Mediterranean to the Grand Erg Occidental.
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Egypt and Sudan: The Road to Khartoum

Before the Nile flows into Egypt it passes the crumbling remains of a civilisation that once lay at the heart of African trade and culture. Not the land of the Pharaohs but the ancient land of Kush, the old kingdom of the Meroitic kings, lost for centuries amongst the sands of the Sahara to the south of the great cataracts. Amongst the landscapes of northern Sudan, we find the ancient lands of Nubia, where the desert plains are strewn with an incredible collection of archaeological sites that lie far beyond the tourist trappings of Egypt’s well-trodden Nile Valley. Here we find the remains of a civilisation whose culture and power were equal to that of the Pharaohs and whose lasting legacy is an incredible assembly of pyramids that outnumber even those of their northern neighbour.
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Morocco: Berber Heartlands

Explore Morocco from the Saharan dunes to the High Atlas Mountains on this journey of sublime landscapes and nomadic traditions. Ancient medina lanes lead to souqs (markets) for haggling over souvenirs and to traditional riads providing comfortable sanctuaries from the hustle and bustle of the medieval cities. Into the mountains for dazzling night skies and down to the desert and Saharan oases to learn about Bedouin traditions and a nomadic existence.
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Morocco and the Western Sahara

Discover the wild and untamed lands of southern Morocco and the Western Sahara, where nomadic traditions, picturesque kasbahs and the raw beauty of the desert combine. Discover the wild and untamed lands of southern Morocco and the Western Sahara, where nomadic traditions, picturesque kasbahs and the raw beauty of the desert combine. Morocco is familiar to many, but the deep south is world apart that has changed little in centuries – join us for a journey into the unknown.
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