Hidden Kingdoms – Nepal and Mustang

Open to only a select few groups of trekkers per year, the Kingdom of Mustang, formally known as the Kingdom of Lo, is the last true Tibetan Kingdom. We invite you to discover this small outpost of Nepal, a region previously locked off from the rest of the world until 1992. Be one of the few that get the chance to experience this precious, preserved gem. Hike through whitewashed villages and crumbling remote hermitages scattered across semi-arid desert. Explore monasteries clinging to the edge of rocky shelves, snow-capped peaks, towering from above. Encompass Nepal's highlights and be washed up in its charm and the warmth of the people and beauty of its scenery, mountain life and exotic wildlife.
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Soul of Nepal

Experience the lesser known side of Nepal. The quieter, hidden and more local side. Uncover the soul of this welcoming, warm country as you spend time living with locals in remote rural villages surrounded by lush rice paddies and ancient temples, be blessed by a Tibetan Lama and embrace the magic of an evening aarti ceremony on the banks of the holy Bagmati River. Search for the elusive rhino on elephant back as you explore Chitwan National Park whilst also taking time to understand and appreciate the local Tharu culture. Cook with locals learn their daily way of life. This journey also introduces you to the mysterious and intriguing monastic life where you will better understand and appreciate how the Kagyu and Nyingma Traditions of Tibetan Buddhism are lived. The perfect journey for those who are seeking to discover the off beat and local side to a destination as beautiful and
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