Israel and Palestine Territory

Walking in Palestine

With a cultural and historical legacy dating back millennia, the lands occupied by modern day Iran have witnessed the rise and fall of many notable empires. This short but insightful trip takes us on a journey through the heartland of these empires and ‘behind the veil’ of this much misunderstood country. From the beautiful gardens and shrines of Shiraz, we’ll travel via the atmospheric and timeless remains of the ancient Persian capital of Persepolis to the town of Yazd, with its well-preserved traditional houses and Zoroastrian burial towers. From here we will continue to one of the Middle East’s most spectacular destinations – the C17th and C18th capital of Isfahan. Home not only to some of the region’s finest Islamic architecture and the world’s second largest square, the Mayden-e Imam, this is also a great place to wander through the narrow corridors of the extensive souks with their handicrafts and carpets.
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