Central Africa

If you want to get well off the beaten track then Central Africa is your next travel destination. Diesel Adventures currently offers exploratory tours to Chad, Cameroon, Gabon, Central African Republic, The Democratic Republic of Congo and Angola. These destinations offer unique experiences that no other region in the world can offer. Old growth rainforests, an amazing range of wildlife, colonial history and unique cultures, traditions and ceremonies. The remoteness of Central Africa is part of its appeal and the effort to get there is more than worth it. These areas have so little tourism and infrastructure can be near non existent. However this also means that the people you meet are genuinely as interested in you are you are in them and the experiences are authentic and real. Central Africa offers raw experiential travel for the seasoned traveller looking to expand their horizons on roads less travelled.

Tours in Central Africa

Gabon Explorer

Gabon is a paradise for wildlife enthusiasts, Africa’s last Eden, with a huge proportion of its land designated as national parks and home to some of the continent’s most impressive wildlife. This short tour of Gabon tour gives you the chance to see Africa at its wildest, taking you to the heart of its rainforests and the mighty Loango National Park, a land of primeval jungles, beautiful beaches, wetlands and savannah, made famous by the explorer Mike Fay in his epic trek through Central Africa.
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Tribal Lands of Cameroon

Straddling both West and Central Africa, Cameroon is alive with the traditions and customs of more than two hundred and fifty different ethnic groups, an enchanting and magical cultural mix. This tour takes you to the heart of a country much neglected by tourism, exploring lands that have seldom been visited by outsiders. A pioneering Cameroon tour that encapsulates the very best of this magical region.
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Expedition to Angola

Angola is a wild part of Africa that is slowly just starting to open again to tourism. This fascinating region is a lost treasure chest of African anthropology. Focussing on the remote south, a land of unspoiled wilderness, we travel to remote communities and settlements in an effort to understand the customs and ancient practices of the region’s most traditional peoples, staunchly holding on to their way of life and for whom the outside world is barely relevant. Join us on a unique journey through the fascinating country of Angola.
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Chad – Untamed Tibesti

Travelling to what can rightly be called the holy grail of Saharan travel - Chad's mighty Tibesti Mountains is the ultimate trip through an untamed land. For a long time these jagged volcanic peaks, home to the fiercely independent Tubu people, have been out of bounds, but no longer. The Tibesti holds an allure that is hard to resist, one of the last places left where you can feel like a true explorer. A truly magical journey through an intoxicating land.
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Rhythms of Central Africa

While the jungles of Central Africa forever been a mysterious land and difficult to penetrate they are home to bewildering array of flora and fauna. This unique tour to Cameroon and Gabon takes you on an incredible journey where nature rules supreme and the presence of man often seems insignificant, surrounded by thick rainforest that is alive with the calls of birds and monkeys. Join us to discover lost worlds, ancient traditions and the magic of the rainforest.
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Burundi, DRC and Rwanda: Gorillas in Africa’s Midst

Amongst the impenetrable landscapes of Conrad’s ‘Heart of Darkness’, Central Africa's jungles echo to the calls of great apes and karyenda drummers in a land forged by the violent upheavals of colonial war, civil strife and volcanic explosion. This remarkable and unique trip takes us across some of the most beautiful and emotive landscapes on the African continent, travelling through Burundi, Rwanda and Eastern Congo as we go in search of the largest gorillas on earth, bubbling lava lakes and a people whose lives and traditions have withstood imperialism and some of the bloodiest conflicts of the last century.
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Chad: Zakouma Adventure

In the south of Chad lies one of Africa’s best kept wildlife secrets – Zakouma National Park. This is a little known national park in a little known country natural paradise in the very heart of Africa, home to elephants, lion, leopards and more with a huge number of iconic wildlife species. While this tour is no luxury East African safari, it offers superb opportunities for true off the beaten track travel and authentic wildlife encounters in a hidden corner of the continent.
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Chad – Expedition to the Ennedi

This spectacular journey deep into Chad gets you to remote and breathtaking lands that few western travellers have ever been. The Ennedi is a vast collection of sandstone mountains sculpted by the wind and sand over millennia into stunning rock formations and the land of the Tubu, one of Africa’s most traditional, and least known, people. With rock art dating back thousands of years, we walk into the Guelta d’Archei where the Tubu bring huge herds of camels to drink at the only waterhole for miles around. This is travel at its most raw and untamed, a surprising and exhilarating journey in a spellbinding land.
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Chad – The Gerewol Festival

The Gewewol festival in Chad is a spectacularly colourful celebration in which young Mbororo men decorate themselves, donning make up and jewellery and ‘displaying’ to young women in search of a partner. Travelling to a remote part of the Sahel, we get the rare opportunity to join them as they congregate for feasting, racing, dancing and finding lovers and immerse ourselves in a culture that lives with traditions that stretch back centuries. – this is a unique opportunity to meet the Mbororo for a celebration of their culture that will simply take your breath away. Africa is known for its festivals, but none can rival the Gerewol.
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