Belarus, Ukraine and Moldova

Europe’s newest country is a fascinating mixture of east and west, with some of the continent’s best scenery and fascinating towns that remind you that the Orient is not far away. This short trip covers both the highlights and allows you to get beneath the skin of a rather intriguing land. We start in Pristina, with its melange of Christianity and Islam, exploring the old town as well as the ancient Roman remains of Ulpiana, then head to Peja with its Albanian and Ottoman architecture. We explore the pristine mountainous countryside, criss crossed with rivers and harbouring villages where the traditions of yesteryear are as relevant as they ever have been. Explore the impressive 14th century monastery at Decani and head to Junik for an insight into the complex and feudal customs of this land, then explore the spiritual heritage of the dervishes in Gjakova. In Rahovec we sample some of
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