Africa, Asia, The Middle East, North, Central and South America

Overland Expeditions are for people looking for the journey as much as the destination. Travelling overland immerses you in the landscapes, cultures and communities. Overland trips get you to all the must-see highlights and then beyond the tourist trail. The Overland vehicles have all the camping equipment needed to stay out under the stars in remote unique places. Travelling with an overland group provides the peace of mind and security of travelling with your own secure safe vehicle.

Features of Overland Expeditions
  • Purpose built overland vehicles to get off the beaten track
  • Self contained vehicles with camping equipment (just bring a sleeping bag), comfortable coach seating, card tables, fridge/coolbox, music, charging facilities, secure storage for luggage and safes for valuables.
  • Tours can range from a week to several months
  • All meals provided while camping with breakfast only usually included when staying in a hotel
  • Professional Tour Leader(s)/Driver with local guides
  • Often a “Kitty” or “Local Payment” paid directly to Tour Leader on joining tour
  • Maximum group size varies from 12 to 22. Each trip page will show maximum group size for that particular trip.
Overland Expeditions offer a wide variety of accommodation (See individual trips for more specific details)
  • All camping trips, including bush camping with limited facilities
  • tours with a mix of camping and basic hotels/guesthouses
  • fully accommodated trips in boutique hotels

Overland trips tend to be hands on (but not always), where your participation around the campsite or helping shop for food, for example, is required to help the trip run smoothly. While it sounds like a chore, you may be surprised how it helps you to connect with both your fellow traveller and the local people in markets and stores. On the flip side if this doesn't sound like your cup of tea , we have Overland Expeditions with no "truck chores"

The itineraries tend to be slower paced and there is plenty of time built into the itineraries to explore on your own. The tour leaders will have plenty of suggestions depending on what your interest is. When not camping and eating in town you have the chance to be as adventurous (or as unadventurous) as you feel that day with the local cuisine. The tour leaders know where all the great non touristy local places with local charm are that are tasty and safe to eat at.

Traveling with an Overland group is a great way to meet like minded fellow travellers from all over the world and share travel experiences with. Many life long friendships are formed travelling in the back of a truck with an Overland group.