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Bolivia: High and Wild

With a wealth of history, culture and mind-blowing landscapes Bolivia entices the adventurous traveller looking for a different slice of South America. Mind blowing landscapes from the wide open spaces of the Altiplano, the salt sea of the Uyuni salt flats, the deep blue waters of Lake Titicaca, Amazon jungles and the chaotic capital city of La Paz flanked by four snow capped mountains. The charming colonial town of Sucre and the silver mining city of Potosi offer an unparalleled view to a colonial past and the thriving market at Tarabuco and infamous witches market in La Paz give visitors a glimpse of the still thriving indigenous culture and an insight into modern day Bolivia. A fascinating country, Bolivia is one of South America’s best kept secrets.

Peru: Lost Treasures Of The Cloud Warriors

In the north of Peru are some of the most fascinating and little-known pre-Columbian sites of the whole of the Americas. This is the land of not only the Inca but also the Moche, the Chimu and the cloud warriors of Chachapoyas. Exploring far beyond the “gringo trail” we have many opportunities to meet the local descendants of these people and witness a different side of Peru. From the coastal deserts to the Northern Highlands in the Andes we get deep into the heart of Peru's multi-faceted ancient legacies and traditions.

Lost World of Three Guyanas

Few places offer such raw and authentic adventure as the three Guyanas. This is one of the world's best kept ecotourism destination secrets. A strange mix of European law and rainforest humidity encapsulates this pocket of South America, the home to three equally spectacular countries: Suriname, Guyana and French Guinea. Although challenging, any adventure traveller will relish in the delight of experiencing a region so untouched. The three Guyana's are well worth the mud, sweat and minor discomforts of uncovering lesser explored gems.

Secrets of Central America

A chance to discover two of Latin America’s most underrated gems, this spectacular adventure takes us deep into the heart of El Salvador and Honduras, lands blessed with a rich natural beauty and a cultural inheritance that can boast some of the most captivating colonial cities and the most complete Mayan ruins anywhere on the continent. Volcanic landscapes and pristine wilderness, artisan markets and photogenic colonial towns, this often overlooked part of Central America is an exciting destination for the adventure traveller.

Haiti with The Citadelle

Now is the time to discover Haiti, the most fascinating destination in the Caribbean. Explore Port au Prince and meet some of the artists and sculptors who make art from what they find on the street. Get active with an overnight hike high in the mountains and then relax on some of the Caribbean’s best undiscovered beaches. Stroll the art galleries and discover the murals of Jacmel and then plunge into crystal clear pools below the Bassin Bleu waterfalls. We’ll head north to dive deeper into Haitian history in Cap Haitian and learn more about Haiti’s struggle for freedom. The highlight of the north is undoubtedly the Citadelle La Ferriere, an imposing UNESCO protected fortress built high in the hills that just about defies logic. With unique fascinating culture and history, art, hiking and beaches plus the incredible Citadelle this is one of the best tours of Haiti available.

Viva Colombia

Colombia is packed with historical, UNESCO and natural wonders. Moving on from its once nefarious past Columbia boasts an amazing array of landscapes from lush plantations to towering mountains, idyllic beaches and steamy rainforests. Charming cobbled street towns, colonial history and modern urban cities. Columbia is welcoming travellers and this tour offers the opportunity to discover the charms of the Columbian people and the diversity of their amazing country up close.

Wild Peru

Hidden in the Andes, is one of Peru's best kept secrets, the rainbow coloured Vinicunca Mountains. Trekking deep into this wild and rarely visited regions of Peru, the breathtaking geological features of the 'Rainbow Mountains' looks like it has been painted with a brush. Red, orange, ochre, turquoise and blue create an unforgettable sight. Combined with learning traditional customs in the Sacred Valley, amazing wildlife, hot springs and snow capped mountains this is a wonderful journey into the hidden secrets and beauty of wild Peru.

Colombia Explorer

Vibrant Colombia is a land of contrasts and legends, an entire continent encompassed by one country. After being off the travel map for some time, Colombia is now moving back into the spotlight as an exciting travel destination. Ranging from palm fringed Caribbean beaches, snow-capped Andean mountain peaks, desert, verdant rain forests and National Parks, Colombian terrain is truly diverse. From the cosmopolitan metropolis of Bogotá to the cobbled alleys of the colonial towns, we will explore all aspects of the country and indulge in a multitude of activities, from bathing in mud volcanoes to trekking in Tayrona National Park. Taking in the spectacular underground salt cathedral at Zipaquira, Los Nevados National Park, the bizarre rock formations of the Tatacoa Desert, and the UNESCO World Heritage Site of San Agustin, there will be plenty of opportunity to experience the real Colombia and venture off the beaten track, meet the warm and hospitable locals and have a truly memorable trip.

Bolivia & Chile: Altiplano to Atacama Explorer

The altiplano or high plains of Bolivia is one of South America’s most dramatic and distinctive landscapes. Home to active volcanoes, brightly coloured lakes and sweeping salt flats, these high altitude lands offer the chance for real adventure. Despite stretching from southern Peru to northern Argentina, the altiplano is perhaps at its most striking in Bolivia’s south-west border area with Chile and this is an area we will explore in depth in our 4WD journey across the remote vastness to San Pedro de Atacama, one of the world’s driest places. However this tour also offers a chance to access this harsh but beautiful region via a rarely used route from Santa Cruz which takes in not only the well-known sites of Potosi and Sucre, but also some lesser known gems such as the UNESCO pre-Incan ruins at Saimapata, La Higuera where Cuba’s favourite revolutionary, Che Guevara, met his bitter end and the traditional indigenous village of Candelaria where we’ll stay in an authentic hacienda. This is an unforgettable journey for those who like their landscapes big but who also want to experience some of the amazing variety for which this stunning region is perhaps less well known.

Haiti Carnival

Now is the time to discover Haiti, the most facinating destination in the Caribbean. Get active with an overnight hike high in the mountains and then relax on some of the Caribbean’s best undiscovered beaches. Carnival in Haiti is an amazing experience and the parade in Jacmel is arguably the most spectacular. Dizzying in scope and variety there are rara bands and dancers but the stars of the parade are the performers in the dazzling paper-mache creations that Jacmel is famous for. The parade costumes are often reflected in Haiti’s unique and provocative artwork found in both Port au Prince and Jacmel. Nothing is off limits with plenty of social messages, political commentary and humour in the costumes. We have balconies for everyone to look over the parade and you can also get down into the mix to get the full experience. The celebrations continue into the evening with music and dancing. With a unique festival, fascinating culture and history, art, hiking and beaches this is one of the most comprehensive short tours of Haiti available.