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Cuba 8 Day Original

This is a great introduction to the wonderful island of Cuba. On this tour we will get the three of the most popular destinations in Cuba: Havana, Vinales and Trinidad. We travel in private vehicles and stay in peoples homes. Cuban people are justifiably known for their warm welcomes and friendly hospitality and by staying in their homes we get to experience this first hand. Get beyond the beach resorts to get a deeper insight into Cuba, its wonderful people and its distinctive culture.

Namibia: Sands of Time

Namibia is a land full of incredible geological wonders, spectacular landscapes and diverse game. With a whole host of unexplored regions and a diversity that has barely changed for thousands of years Namibia is one of Southern Africa’s most enthralling destinations! The rolling red sand dunes of the Namib Desert, boulder festooned grassy plains of Damaraland, waterfalls, tribal villages and the inhospitable shoreline of the Skeleton coast, this is an incredible tour that will stay with you forever.

Mali Rediscovered

Mali has long been a destination for travellers and after years off limits is slowly coming back onto the modern travellers radar. Explore the harsh desert landscape, discover mud built mosques and crumbling mud villages clinging to cliffs unchanged from ancient times. Embrace the warmth of the local people, so rich in ethnicity and beliefs, and the modern pulsating energy of young Mali. Explore the Niger River on a traditional pinasse as the donkey caravans still plod their way through dusty scrubland. Rediscover Mali, home to Africa's ancient civilisations.

Beneath the Sands of Sudan

Blessed with not only some stunning stretches of desert, within the sands of Sudan lie some of the most important and visually stunning monuments from the ancient world, including more ancient pyramids than can be found in the whole of Egypt. However this trip is not just about visiting the UNESCO archaeological sites of Jebel Barkal and Meroe and enjoying the desert wilderness – it is also a chance to get beneath the skin of this country and meet the Sudanese people, whose hospitality and kindness are long remembered by those who have travelled to their lands. This is a great trip which offers an amazing insight into the rarely visited and often misunderstood country of Sudan.

Liberia Revealed

Liberia has an unusual history. It is the only country on the continent, apart from Ethiopia, not to have been colonized by Europeans in the ‘Scramble for Africa’. Once a home for freed Afro-American slaves, it has a very different feel from its neighbors. It was off limits for some time, but is now accessible to the adventurous Africa enthusiast.

Island Africa – Equatorial Guinea

Equatorial Guinea and Sao Tomé combine beautiful island scenery with colonial heritage. This tour gives you the chance explore both rarely visited countries with their dramatic volcanic landscapes and remnants of Latin and Portuguese colonial pasts. Explore primary tropical forests with waterfalls, search for turtle nests on secluded black and white sand beaches and wander through old colonial streets to discover a very different side of Africa.

Gabon Explorer

Gabon is a paradise for wildlife enthusiasts, Africa’s last Eden, with a huge proportion of its land designated as national parks and home to some of the continent’s most impressive wildlife. This short tour of Gabon tour gives you the chance to see Africa at its wildest, taking you to the heart of its rainforests and the mighty Loango National Park, a land of primeval jungles, beautiful beaches, wetlands and savannah, made famous by the explorer Mike Fay in his epic trek through Central Africa.

Festivals of Ghana

An incredible unique journey concentrating on two of Ghana’s most colourful festivals. In the Ashanti capital of Kumasi, we are privileged to witness the Akwasidae festival. Centred around the traditional concept of the chief, Akwasidae is an opportunity to call upon the protective spirits of the Ashanti and ask for blessings for the forthcoming year, and gives us a superb opportunity to see West Africa’s ‘kingdom of gold’in all its splendour, with dancers and drummers adding to the intoxicating atmosphere. Each year the Krobo hold the amazing Dipo ceremony, a process of initiation for young girls on their journey to womanhood, accompanied by elaborate rituals and distinctive traditional jewellery; we spend three days observing these fascinating customs and learning about the culture of the Krobo. Discover the colours, festivals and traditions of one of the region’s friendliest countries.

Djibouti, the Danakil and Somaliland

The horn of Africa is a fascinating mélange of cultures, from nomadic herders to Arabian traders and influences from across the Indian Ocean. It is also home to some of the continent’s most remote and breathtaking landscapes, a land where the taste of the wild is in the air, simply begging the intrepid traveller to explore. There are few places in the world that can compete with this region for real adventure.

Gold and Magic: Ghana, Togo and Benin

Ghana, Togo and Benin are home to an amazing diversity of traditional cultures. Experience voodoo ceremony deep within the swamps, explore stilt villages and ancient kingdoms, and visit the fiercely traditional Tamberma people, with extraordinary fortress style houses designed to protect them from invaders. Search for sacred monkeys in the forest and travel through the lands of the Krobo, as well as visiting the fishing village of Elmina, home to an imposing slave castle dating back more than five hundred years. Depending on the departure date, you will have the opportunity to witness the astonishing Egun mask dances of Benin, or the Akwasidae festival of the Ashanti, a glittering showcase of traditional culture honouring the Ashanti king.