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Cuba 8 Day Original

This is a great introduction to the wonderful island of Cuba. On this tour we will get the three of the most popular destinations in Cuba: Havana, Vinales and Trinidad. We travel in private vehicles and stay in peoples homes. Cuban people are justifiably known for their warm welcomes and friendly hospitality and by staying in their homes we get to experience this first hand. Get beyond the beach resorts to get a deeper insight into Cuba, its wonderful people and its distinctive culture.

Namibia: Sands of Time

Namibia is a land full of incredible geological wonders, spectacular landscapes and diverse game. With a whole host of unexplored regions and a diversity that has barely changed for thousands of years Namibia is one of Southern Africa’s most enthralling destinations! The rolling red sand dunes of the Namib Desert, boulder festooned grassy plains of Damaraland, waterfalls, tribal villages and the inhospitable shoreline of the Skeleton coast, this is an incredible tour that will stay with you forever.

Gabon Explorer

Gabon is a paradise for wildlife enthusiasts, Africa’s last Eden, with a huge proportion of its land designated as national parks and home to some of the continent’s most impressive wildlife. This short tour of Gabon tour gives you the chance to see Africa at its wildest, taking you to the heart of its rainforests and the mighty Loango National Park, a land of primeval jungles, beautiful beaches, wetlands and savannah, made famous by the explorer Mike Fay in his epic trek through Central Africa.

Tribal Lands of Cameroon

Straddling both West and Central Africa, Cameroon is alive with the traditions and customs of more than two hundred and fifty different ethnic groups, an enchanting and magical cultural mix. This tour takes you to the heart of a country much neglected by tourism, exploring lands that have seldom been visited by outsiders. A pioneering Cameroon tour that encapsulates the very best of this magical region.

Expedition to Angola

Angola is a wild part of Africa that is slowly just starting to open again to tourism. This fascinating region is a lost treasure chest of African anthropology. Focussing on the remote south, a land of unspoiled wilderness, we travel to remote communities and settlements in an effort to understand the customs and ancient practices of the region’s most traditional peoples, staunchly holding on to their way of life and for whom the outside world is barely relevant. Join us on a unique journey through the fascinating country of Angola.

Burkina Faso Encompassed

Burkina Faso is a place that few people know about let alone be able to pinpoint on a map. However, this small, landlocked and fascinating country has some of the most interesting sights in all of West Africa. Join this short tour to discover a variety of landscapes and cultures that rival better known destinations, colourful villages with amazing painted houses, traditional dwellings and mosques, elaborate ceremonial masks and traditional cultures.

Algerian Colours

Algeria is one of the most fascinating countries in North Africa. Algeria has been colonised by the Romans, the Turks and the French so combine it with a cultural legacy that stretches back millennia it is now a destination of unrivalled scope and grandeur. The vastness of the Saharan sand dunes are punctuated by stunning oasis towns, mud brick villages that still hold on to traditions that have endured among the desert sands for centuries, dominated by ancient Ksars or fortified strongholds. This remarkable journey takes us deep into the heart of this unique country, both literally and spiritually, as we journey from the shores of the Mediterranean to the Grand Erg Occidental.

Ouidah Voodoo Festival

Discover the voodoo traditions of a magical land. On this three country tour of Ghana, Togo and Benin we take you right to the heart of the magic of Africa. We cross the spectrum from the tragic history of the slave trade, traditional villages to royal palaces. From fetish markets to the highlights of the annual voodoo festival in Ouidah, this is a diverse and exciting trip that is both a great introduction to the region and of equal appeal to first time and seasoned travellers to Africa.

Rhythms of Central Africa

While the jungles of Central Africa forever been a mysterious land and difficult to penetrate they are home to bewildering array of flora and fauna. This unique tour to Cameroon and Gabon takes you on an incredible journey where nature rules supreme and the presence of man often seems insignificant, surrounded by thick rainforest that is alive with the calls of birds and monkeys. Join us to discover lost worlds, ancient traditions and the magic of the rainforest.

Egypt and Sudan: The Road to Khartoum

Before the Nile flows into Egypt it passes the crumbling remains of a civilisation that once lay at the heart of African trade and culture. Not the land of the Pharaohs but the ancient land of Kush, the old kingdom of the Meroitic kings, lost for centuries amongst the sands of the Sahara to the south of the great cataracts. Amongst the landscapes of northern Sudan, we find the ancient lands of Nubia, where the desert plains are strewn with an incredible collection of archaeological sites that lie far beyond the tourist trappings of Egypt’s well-trodden Nile Valley. Here we find the remains of a civilisation whose culture and power were equal to that of the Pharaohs and whose lasting legacy is an incredible assembly of pyramids that outnumber even those of their northern neighbour.